Neuro-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning
in the Era of Large Language Models

@ AAAI 2024

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We are thrilled to announce the Workshop on Neuro-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning in the Era of Large Language Models at AAAI 2024 to be held on February 26-27, 2024. This workshop aims to provide a dedicated platform for researchers to present and share their cutting-edge advancements in the next generation of neuro-symbolic AI. By creating an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and the exploration of innovative ideas, we aim to foster collaboration and inspire new breakthroughs. We invite submissions on topics and questions related to neuro-symbolic AI, including but not limited to:

  • Survey of recent neuro-symbolic AI methods and applications
  • Neuro-symbolic approaches for learning and reasoning
  • Programming languages, libraries and software tools for integration of various learning and reasoning formalisms
  • Declarative languages for machine learning
  • Natural language to machine learning code
  • Using probabilistic inference or logical inference in training deep models
  • Deep learning and logical reasoning over structured and relational data
  • Integration of non-differentiable optimization models in learning
  • The role of neuro-symbolic AI in grounding LLMs, enhancing performance
  • Specific aspects of neuro-symbolic modeling, such as data efficiency, scalability, and evaluation benchmarks
  • Integration of expert knowledge in learning (e.g., fairness constraints, physics laws, FOL rules)
  • Strategies to address challenges related to compositional generalization using neuro-symbolic AI
  • We also welcome work on related topics (e.g., neural program synthesis, program induction, and concept learning)

Invited speakers

This list is currently incomplete as we reach out to additional speakers.


The following schedule is tentative.

Day 1: Neuro-symbolic methods

Start Time Session Speaker(s)
08:45 Opening Welcome Talk Workshop organizers
09:00 Invited Talks 1 and 2 TBA
09:40 Contributed Talks 1 (3-4 papers) TBA
10:30 Invited Talks 3 and 4 TBA
11:10 Contributed Talks 2 (3-4 papers) TBA
12:00 Lunch Break (Poster Setup)
13:00 Invited Talks 5 and 6 TBA
13:40 Contributed Talks 3 (4-5 papers) TBA
15:00 Poster Session 1
16:30 Invited Talks 7 and 8 TBA
17:10 Panel and Open QA 1 All Day 1 invited speakers

Day 2: Neuro-symbolic applications

Start Time Session Speaker(s)
09:00 Invited Talks 9 and 10 TBA
09:40 Contributed Talks 4 (3-4 papers) TBA
10:30 Coffee Break (Poster Setup)
11:00 Poster Session 2
12:30 Panel and Open QA 2 All Day 2 invited speakers

Call for papers

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: November 15 November 24, 23:59 AoE (NOTE: this will not be extended)
  • Acceptance notification: TBA
  • Camera-ready deadline: TBA

Submission instructions

We invite 8-page full paper or 4-page short paper submissions. We also welcome 2-page extended abstracts for work that is published at AAAI or other venues. All submissions should be anonymized, with the exception of extended abstracts of previously-published work, which do not need to be anonymized. The papers should be formatted according to AAAI conference guidelines. Accepted papers will be non-archival. However, the PDFs will be hosted on the workshop website.

Workshop organizers